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When it comes to finding an asbestos removal provider in Adelaide, Old Red Brick Co is Adelaide’s leading Asbestos Removalist in South Australia. With over 20 years experience in the safe removal of non-friable asbestos, Old Red Brick Co uses the most current procedures and equipment to ensure safety standards are maintained.

The Old Red Brick Company can perform asbestos removal as a part of a complete demolition, partial renovation, fitout or refurbishment or in any other capacity. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, reliability and professionalism.

Since its inception in the early 80’s the Old Brick Company has been offering the public and private sectors of South Australia its red brick tiles services.

When choosing an asbestos removal provider in Adelaide, remember – there is only one Old Red Brick Co. Contact us today and become part of the heritage.

What Makes Us Expert Asbestos Removal Providers?

Here at The Old Red Brick Company we are expert asbestos removal providers, as a part of a complete demolition, partial renovation, fit outs or refurbishment; or in any other capacity.

We uses the most current procedures and equipment to ensure that employees, occupiers, neighbours and any other persons that have the potential to be exposed to the hazards of asbestos are safe during the removal process.

Our qualified professional staff also take great extents to ensure that all removal sites are thoroughly inspected and decontaminated prior to handing the site back to the owner, occupier or builder.

Why Old Red Brick Co Is Your Asbestos Removal Provider Of Choice In Adelaide

Cost-Effective – our aim is to keep to your budget and provide transparent costings up-front so there are no surprises.

Fast – we strive to complete every job on time and provide outstanding efficiency in our service delivery, meaning we get the job done sooner.

Reliable – through our exacting standards and exceptional performance, we have earned our reputation as a trusted Asbestos Removal Provider in Adelaide.

Specialised – We only deal with Old Red Bricks, meaning you can rely on our specialised knowledge and skill for your heritage or business project.

Asbestos Removal Provider

If you’re thinking of removing asbestos from your home,  your retail store or business premises, think Old Red Brick Co – Adelaide’s leading Asbestos Removal Provider.